Vermont Vacation

June 30 - July 5, 2003
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Hiking view with trail marker

Jen on top of the mountain!

Nathan's turn to be in the picture

Still taking camouflage lessons

Relaxing in Woodstock, VT with
an iced coffee!

Quechee Gorge!

Jen WAY below the bridge from
the last picture

Nathan on the hike back up

Covered bridge #1 of our tour

Covered bridge #2 of our tour

Nathan+transportation partway down
Killington Mountain

Gondola view on the way up

The bikes hitch a ride behind us

Ready for another descent

Could this be the last picture of
Jennifer and Nathan??

Jennifer cruises down an open path

Nathan follows just behind

The Flavour Graveyard at the
Ben&Jerry's factory!

A cone of Ben&Jerry's ice cream contains
more calories than a steak dinner!

Decorations for July 4th in Montpelier, VT

Montpelier's capital building

Covered Bridge #3

Location, Location,

The brook by our hotel

The view from our room

4th of July blast in Killington!

Beautiful little stream crossing
the Appalachian Trail

Our room for the week

One last hit of Ben&Jerry's at a
service centre on the drive home

Nathan in the woods,
halfway up the mountain

A tragic case of overexposure

JAlbum 3.0