Aerial Tour - East Central Ontario

Dec 9, 2001, 12:30 - 3:15

Pilot: Damien Koenig - Passengers: Natasha O'Brien, Jennifer and Nathan Scott

Attempt at locating Hibar

Posh Houses

Tennis courts, a pool, and a pond!


New golf course (not many trees)

Another attempt at locating Hibar - middle left

Island in southeast Lake Simcoe


Flirting with the clouds


We Deal Excitement! Casino Rama!

Miscellaneous farm shot

Nice pond!

Damien with Nathan, Jennifer, and Charlie-Golf India Sierra Tango

Natasha and Jennifer in the back seat

Control panel rated for instrument flying

Opening in the sky

Let there be light!

Hippie Commune ; )

Tree farm?

Dirt Bike Heaven

Livestock leading the good life

On approach at Peterborough

Damien checking the fuel tanks for purity

Downtown Skyline

Spotting the windmill #1

Spotting the windmill #2

Spotting the windmill #3

Another relatively new golf course