Spain 1, May 25 - 27


May 25 - Barcelona - Antoni Gaudi's Casa Battlo

Temple de La Sagrada Familia - a portion of the Passion Façade including a numerical puzzle in which the sum of the four numbers added in any direction in a 4X4 box is 33 - Christ's age at death.

Temple still under construction after over 100 years

Continuous lines and hyperbolic styling

Gaudi's Nativity Façade on the North wall of the Temple

View of 2 of the temple's spires as we climb another spire.

Spires with city beyond

Looking down into the incomplete Temple

Colourful spires

Barcelona from the top of the Temple

Colourful and organic design abounds in Gaudi's work

Barcelona from the highest point of Gaudi's Utopia, the Park Güell

Nathan and Jennifer on the longest park bench in the world (Still in Park Güell)

Back side of bench overhanging a cool gathering spot

Jen poses with Gaudi's dragon, which holds the record for the most heavily merchandised object we encountered

May 26 - Chimney toppers at Gaudi's Palau Güell - he was only allowed to indulge his usual style in areas that the owners wouldn't see

The best busker we saw on our trip - Kermit marionette plays the piano (his fingers actually move the keys) while various piano concertos play in the background

Rambla del Mer - a huge public area built over the bay, filled with shops, benches, and Europe's largest aquarium

Downtown, please

View down Universitat from our hotel balcony; Place Catalunya on right

May 27 - La Ramblas, Barcelona's big pedestrian strip, full of such wonders as collapsible pet-store kiosks!

Not like Virgil's post office!

Palm trees at the marina


Please don't touch the rays...

Please don't touch the rays...

Here sharky sharky sharky...

The underwater tunnel was the highlight of the aquarium

View from the top of Montjuic

View from the top of Montjuic

Jen with Maria Lorenzo, friendly innkeeper (Hostal Australia, now retired) and former honourary mayor of Baton-Rouge