Portugal 2 - June 5 - 6


Lisbon - The Acensor de Santa Justa - Gothically styled elevator operating since 1902

Lisbon's waterfront - construction and the main bridge into the city

Lisbon's main market during the Portugal - USA World Cup match - a beehive of patriotic activity we won't soon forget

Another shot of the market

Inside the Tower of Belem, in Lisbon's swanky surburb

View of Lisbon's main bridge (longest central span in Europe) from the Tower of Belem

Hand carved stone decorating a military outpost? That's medieval Portugal for you.

The Tower of Belem, built to defend a key point of naval access to Lisbon, now an island thanks to hundreds of years of erosion.

View of Lisbon from high above at Castelo Sao Jorge

Big red building with requisite laundry lines in Alfama

Decorating Lisbon's Islamic "Alfama" district for an upcoming religious festival

More decorations

These decorations include a laundry theme!

The colours of coastal Portugal

Liberade (sidewalk art) Lisbon