Ireland 2, June 24 - 28

Galway, Connemara, Omey Island, Boyle, Dublin

Peat bogs of Kinvarra from Dunguaire Castle

Henry St, Galway

The Crane Bar - where 2 musicians became 7 in an evening of traditional jamming we will not soon forget

What do you get when you cross a toothbrush, a key card, a bottle of face cleanser, a stick of deodorant, a leaky tap, and an engineer...

June 25 - Typical view of the rugged Connemara Peninsula

Winner - "Cutest Lamb We Saw In Ireland"

Another Connemara view

Jennifer poses with new friend on the re-discovered Omey Island (accessible only at low tide)

View of sandbar between Omey Island and mainland

Another view of sandbar between Omey Island and mainland

Jen's old campsite at Clegan (near the pass to Omey Island) revisited

Breathtaking landscape outside Leenane

Another Connemara View

Another Connemara View

View from our room in the farmhouse B&B Rivervilla in Louisburgh

June 26 - A forest grove in the Belleek Woods of Bellina

W.B.Yeats Grave, Drumcliffe

Waterfall at Glencar Lake

Lough Key viewed from the highest point of the town of Boyle

A taste of the good stuff from the highest bar in Dublin, atop the Guinness Brewery

What's the matter little girl, reality catching up to you? Contemplating our last night in Europe.

Stephen Farrell took us on a short tour of some local restaurants to cap off our trip

Excuse me sir, is that a bird's nest on your chin?

Dreading the boarding call "All passengers may now pack yourselves into your puny seats"

Our ferries didn't sink, our planes didn't crash, our cars kept us moving,
our scooter ran out of gas, our buses did the trick, our trains stayed on their tracks
(even though one of them broke down), and we returned to Niagara,
sad to see our trip end but glad to have completed it so safely.