Ireland 1, June 21 - 24

Killdare, Tralee, Dingle

Dashboard view of our Ford Focus H

Nathan fixing the mirror on the car - The rental company upgraded us to the next class of vehicle for free! Yay!

June 22 - The Abbey Inn, where U2 used to have to sweep the floor to pay for their drinks, because the owner thought they were no good!

Stopping to smell the roses in Tralee

Dingle Peninsula

Goat St, Dingle Town

The Harbour at Dingle Town

Jennifer says hello to a statue of Fungie, the Dingle harbour regular dolphin

A house built on a stream - fishing from the living room window!

Dingle at night

June 23 - One of many stops along the roadside to admire the spectacular coastal views

A mountain stream running right across the road at the apex of a hairpin curve!

Sheep everywhere - most of them know to get out of the way

These sheep jumped right over the wall and out of sight

Stone walls and lush pastures of the Dingle Peninsula

Dunmore Head

Brandon Creek - we stopped to take a walk down to the shore

I knew we parked our car behind a sheep...

Jen uses a stick to de-poop her boots

Shot of the rolling country from the top of the Connor Pass

Steve Coulter playing his harp at the top of the Connor Pass, a single lane road that winds right through the heart of the mountainous Dingle Peninsula

The beach at Lahinch

Sunset in Lahinch

June 24 - the Cliffs of Moher