Greece 2, May 9 - 10


May 9 - Beautiful breakfast on our balcony

First stop on the scooter trip - Jen on the igneous rocks below Ia

Looking up at the city of Ia

Looking up at the city of Ia

Looking up at the city of Ia

Soaking our feet in the sea below Ia

Jen relaxing above the overflow pool at our hotel

View from Santo Wines straight down the cliff to the new port. You can just see a couple lanes of the switchback road.

View of the active volcano from Santo Wines
Model of Santo Wines, where we had a great tour from a Winnepeg native named Nick
Tasting at Santo Wines - Niagara wineries take note: beautiful and relaxing!

Our transportation for the day: no gas guage, just a "Fuel Low" light

May 10 - Looking up at Fira while taking the Cable Car down to the old port

Boats docked at the volcanic island in Santorini's Caldera

View of the hot springs from the top of the volcano
Close-up of the hot springs: swimming through the cold water between the springs and the boat was a shock on the way back!
We rode donkeys back up the cliff side: definitely unforgettable

View of Ia from the ferry as we depart Santorini