France 2, June 17 - 21

Bordeaux, Paris

June 17 - Place Gambetta, Bordeaux, taking a break after a picnic lunch in the sweltering humidity

Posing above The wine region surrounding St Emilion

View of the base of St. Emilion's main church, Clocher et eglise Monolith

Vineyards of St. Emilion

Nathan in the grapes

Tasting at a local winery

June 18 - Paris - View from our room at Hotel Montebello

Manpower is everywhere!

L'Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

No english spoken at this restaurant - we ate our delicious dinners in the loft!

Another shot of the Eiffel Tower

Wait - what's this? The Eiffel Tower!

Fans of Turkey's football team celebrating their morning win over Japan

Eiffel Tower

Picture of one of the scenic groves at the Palace of Versailles

Here we are posing in front of a statue that shoots water 45 feet out of its mouth on Sundays. Not a Sunday.

Jen sitting along the edge of the canal in front of the palace.

Return to the Luxembourg gardens, 5 years after our first (winter) visit

Notre Dame over the Seine

Punks flying through the air in front of the butresses of Notre Dame

Going for height, 2 at a time.

Not far from the Cathedral, more punks putting on a lively breakdancing show - soon to be broken up by the police

Here we are in front of the Seine (I'm sure you can tell)

June 20 - The gardens at the Rodin Museum

June 21 - Jen walking along the highway to get to the Beauvais airport (cabs charge 10 euro per person to get from anywhere to the airport)