France 1, May 21 - 24

Nice, Monaco, Cannes

Nathan in the Ligurian Sea just off one of Nice's rocky beaches

"Trouvez la marque blanche" A bird's eye view of a busy pedestrian strip, including the best seats in the house for following the white mark!

Enjoying a dinner of baguette and brie with wine on our balcony in Nice

May 22 - Wednesday of Monaco's Formula 1 week - Nathan in front of the Ferrari telemetry booth in the pit lane!

Highlight of the stop in Monaco - bearing witness to the scrutineering of Coulthard's car

Changing from race tires to "rolling around the grounds" tires after scrutineering

As close as I'll ever be to Ferrari's pit - complete with Marlboro ads and no-smoking signs!

Soaking in the opulence at Monaco's harbour

Offloading champagne by the case from one of the team sponsor's boats

Hmm, a black and silver yacht called the "Slipstream" at an F1 race - Surely affiliated with McLaren in some way.

Cool fountain in Monaco's Japanese Gardens

Jennifer resting in the Gardens

Jennifer enjoying the surf on Monaco's gravel beach

THE hairpin - one of the many distinctive elements of Monaco's F1 course, downhill all the way

The Monte Carlo Casino

Parking lot in front of the Monaco Zellers

May 23 - Breakfast on the beach in Nice. Brrr!

Rolling out the red carpet at the theatre in Cannes

Movin' Marvin Brown knockin' 'em dead despite the heat

An example of the way this town is turned into a giant advertisement for the week of the festival

Wait - Look! Here comes... Jennifer Thiessen!!!! Ms. Thiessen! Ms. Thiessen...

Sunset over Nice (going for a walk, skipping some stones)